Note: CMBG is an universal abbreviation of the name for old Polish game
called Cymbergaj (pronounced like
tsym-berr-gai) which is the subject of this document.

    Rules and Regulations
    of The CMBG Tournament

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§1 General terms and expressions

  1. CMBG is a game. Its detailed rules are described in separate Laws of the Game.
  2. A tournament is a friendly CMBG game held once in a while in Wrocław, and put together by Organisers.
  3. The Organisers, as their name suggests, organise the Tournaments. They are also the originators of the Tournaments. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present Mr. Leszek Sulich and Mr. Krzysztof Jański.
  4. A Participant is a person invited by the Organisers to take part in the Tournament.
  5. Referees are Organisers and all those appointed by them to lead matches. However all comments from Players are regarded, there is no appeal against Referee's verdict.
  6. Assistants are all those appointed by the Organisers to help organise the Tournament.

§2 General agreements

  1. The aim of the Tournament is to determine the best CMBG player out of all invited Participants.
  2. Combs, tables and all other equipment necessary to play is provided by the Organisers. However, the Participants are allowed to use their own combs with regard to the detailed Laws of the Game.

§3 Entering the Tournament

  1. The Participants are invited to the Tournament by the Organisers or are entering it on their own with at least 15 minutes advance - however, in some cases, due to a limited number of Players, their participation might be not accepted.
  2. The detailed rules of CMBG are described in attachment to these Rules and Regulations. Every Participant of the Tournament should have read and understood them before they begin the Tournament as well as regard them while playing CMBG. Being unfamiliar with the rules of CMBG does not exempt one from the Referees' verdict.

§4 During the Tournament

  1. Usually the Tournament is divided into the group phase and the knock-out phase (round of 16, quaterfinals, semifinals and the final). Depending on final number of participants this can be modified.
  2. The Organisers divide the Participants into groups in a draw.
  3. However, the Organisers have a right to change the results of the draw, for example if there are some Participants absent.
  4. The Participants are divided into round-robin groups, which means that every Participant plays every other Participant in the group an equal number of times. The exact start time and order of the matches in a group are determined by the Organisers and presented in a tournament chart.
  5. The chart also presents the order of the matches in the knock-out phase.
  6. In case a Participant is not present at the CMBG Tournament Venue five minutes before the match in which they are supposed to participate, their opponent wins by default, no matter what the reasons of their absence or delay are.
  7. A Match lasts two equal periods of time, each 5 minutes long. Each half can be extended by up to 30 seconds, which is at the Referee's discretion.
  8. The Referee flips a coin to draw the Player who begins the Match.
  9. The Match is won by the Player who scores the most Goals. The Match CANNOT end in a draw.
  10. In case there is a draw after full-time, the Match is extended by Extra-Time, consisting of two halves, each one minute long. During the Extra-Time the Players have two Moves each. All other rules remain the same
  11. Players are awarded 2 points for a win and null for a defeat.

§5 Final agreements

  1. The champion of the Tournament is awarded with a diploma and possibly some other gifts. Finishing in the second and third place is also awarded.
  2. Apart from the award mentioned in §5 point 1 there is a special award for the Top Scorer of the Tournament.
  3. Due to the fact that playing CMBG requires concentration and sheer sportsmanship, the Participants are kindly asked not to use combs for musical purposes or any other purposes that have nothing to do with CMBG until the final results are announced and the awards are given.


Wrocław, 02-02-2009

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