You don’t know what the heck is Cymbergaj?
What’s going on? How to play It?

Well… on one hand I have compassion for you. You have missed something... something groovy and exciting.
What a pity!
But on the other hand I envy you. You’re ahead of a great adventure. In fact it has just started. Of course on the condition you allow for a while to be not the serious something as you try to be.

Cymbergaj is an old ancient game. There are many versions of it. This does not matter much. You’ll find more on the Web.

We play it this way. We band together, folks come with their combs (or without them). We play matches. Some win, others not. But everybody enjoys it because it entertains with a style.

And yes, cymbergaj honestly give fun.

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tel. 506 26 97 91 (Skrzydeł)
   & 501 474 686 (Lesul)








































































































Pamiątkowe zdjęcie zrobione tuż przed rozpoczęciem rozgrywek.
Link do pełnej galerii udostępniony. Skoro masz czas pobuszuj wśród kilobajtów, które napstrykały się nam w ciągu kilku godzin rozgrywek.